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We are constantly striving to add value to the supply chain by cultivating long-term relationships with manufacturers and customers alike.Our mission is to add value to the supply chain by helping you with our experience, values, and commitment to doing high-quality work.


Our vision is to offer a service that is client focused, efficient, sustainable, innovative and creative. We value teamwork and collaboration and we invest in the human capital of our staff.We want to focus on providing our customers with the best possible service and maintain a friendly, cooperative relationship. We want to be flexible and provide the highest quality at a fair price.


At Indus Fabrics, we are dedicated to being the premier trader of textiles in our nation. It is our resolute determination that has made us what we are today.


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Indus fabrics is a leading textile sourcing company from Pakistan, which offers a wide range of products at the most competitive prices. Having recognized a gap in the textile & clothing industry, we have built an efficient and effective system to ensure that our customers receive the best product from us. This enables us to deliver individual and specific solutions: manufacturing on customer’s request, sourcing of the material and their quality control. It is our goal to offer our customers a high quality product at a competitive price, in accordance with the highest quality standards. Indus fabrics has been at the forefront of fabric innovation for over two decades. We are constantly developing new technology, working hard to ensure that our customers are ahead of the game in terms of fabric innovation, speed and service. At Indus fabrics, weunderstand the importance of these relationships and work tirelessly to deliver unparalleled service & quality products. Fabric industry is a very complex & capital intensive industry, but our mission is simple – be a leading force that will change the landscape of the apparel industry by delivering the finest quality products at a reasonable price.


A combination of quality & excellence

Cotton Fabric

In the fabrics and crafts industry, cotton is an all-round favourite which is available in various textures and thickness. We sell the best cotton in karachi. Different quality cotton material we have for you includes: cotton canvas, 100% cotton poplin, 100% cotton lawn, 100% cotton dyed twills, 100% cotton twills, 100% cotton denim, 100% ctn pocket linings.

Twill Fabric

Twill is a type of weave made from any type of fiber like silk, cotton or polyester. Cotton twill fabric is a type of material that consists of twill patterns of diagonal, parallel ribs. Twill fabric, drapes well and looks beautiful. We have best twill fabric online available in 100% cotton twills, Spandex twills, Poly spandex twills, 100%cotton dyed twills, Stretch dyed twills, …

Dyed Poplin Fabric

We are trusted traders for traders of Best Dyed Poplin Fabric in Karachi. You can buy dyed poplin online with ease now. Let us arrange the best dyed poplin material for you in bulk. Explore and discover high quality Poplin Solid Dyed Fabric with Indus fabrics.



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Indus fabrics is a leading textile sourcing company from Pakistan, which offers a wide range of products at the most competitive prices.



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